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Facetite® in Orlando Florida

The groundbreaking Facetite® procedure is now accessible in Orlando, and New U Med Spa is thrilled to make it available to its clients. This is our most recent and state-of-the-art feature. Facetite® uses cutting-edge radiofrequency technology for a non-invasive face and neck lift.

Facetite® at New U Med Spa

New U Med Spa is very proud to offer the most advanced Facetite® procedure in Orlando, which sets a new standard for cosmetic improvements. Facetite® is an advanced contouring device that uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to provide a safe and highly effective treatment that works below the skin’s surface to contract and shape tissue.

For those seeking alternatives to surgery, this minimally invasive treatment is appealing. The Facetite® device sensitively raises tissue temperatures under the supervision of our skilled physician Dr. J MD. This causes immediate tissue contraction and tightness. Interestingly, one session can improve attractiveness.

At New U Med Spa, Dr. J MD and his staff’s dedication to excellence compels them to incorporate only the most recent technological advances. This commitment results in superior outcomes for New U Med Spa’s esteemed clients, validating its position as a pioneer in the aesthetic field.

Facetite® near me
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Nose reshaping in Orlando, liquid Rhinoplasty near me

Facial Features Enhancement with Facetite® Near me in Central Florida

Facetite® is a revolutionary approach to improving the features of a face without the need for invasive surgical procedures. Patients will be able to reinvent their image with this cutting-edge process, which is offered at New U Med Spa in Orlando Florida. There will be little to no discomfort, and the recovery time will be brief. Facetite® is the perfect tool to get started on the path to glowing skin and more defined facial features today.

Procedure of Facetite®

Facetite® is an updated cosmetic process that uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to improve the contours of the face and tighten the skin. During the process, a special handheld tool is used that has parts on the outside and on the inside. The external applicator heats the surface of the skin, while the internal applicator sends RF energy through tiny incisions to the tissue below. This controlled heating makes collagen contract right away, which tightens the skin immediately after the treatment. Also, it encourages the body to make more collagen over time, which makes the skin tighten and the shape of the face look better in a way that looks natural.

The process is minimally invasive and can be made more comfortable with local anesthesia or mild sedation. Monitoring the temperature in real-time makes sure that it is safe and efficient. Even though there may be some temporary swelling, bruising, and pain, most people heal quickly and can get back to their normal lives within a few days to a week. Depending on the individual’s objectives and skin state, they may need more than one session to get the best results. Facetite® is a non-surgical choice for people who want to improve the way their face looks but don’t want to deal with the risks and downtime that come with traditional surgery. With the power of RF technology, it gives you a cutting-edge way to look younger and more refreshed.

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Dr. J MD Best Physician in Orlando

The FaceTite® technique is provided by New U Med Spa, and clients who choose to go through with it may rest assured that it will be a highly profitable venture thanks to Dr. J MD’s significant experience as well as his unique skills. The fact that the treatment appears to have such promising outcomes is a direct result of his knowledge. Dr. J MD is a board-certified physician who makes it a point to put the health and happiness of his patients first. Make an appointment at New U Med Spa to take advantage of their complimentary consultation service and benefit from the knowledge and experience of Dr. J MD.


FaceTite® is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that tightens and firms the skin on the face and neck by using radiofrequency (RF) technology. It is meant to tighten and contour the skin without having any extensive surgery.
FaceTite® is effective because it uses a handheld device to direct radio frequency (RF) energy to the areas of concern. The skin is tightened and rejuvenated because the underlying tissues are heated, triggering collagen production and skin contraction.
FaceTite® is usually used to treat drooping skin and to enhance features in areas above the shoulders such as the lower face, jowls, jawline, and neck.
Consult American Board Certified Physician Dr. J MD, who is providing FaceTite® treatment for all facial areas at New U Med Spa Orlando, Florida.
FaceTite® typically has a quicker recovery time than traditional surgery. Mild swelling and bruising are to be expected for a few days to a week for most individuals. Most people feel better within a few days and can get back to their daily routines.
Although individual responses to the treatment may vary, most patients report seeing positive changes immediately following the operation, with further improvements as collagen formation rises over the course of several weeks. Individual factors, such as skin condition and maintenance, might increase or decrease the duration of the effects.
FaceTite® is a cosmetic surgery for skin tightening, however, the age at which it is most effective varies from person to person based on their skin’s health.
To find out if you are a good candidate, you need to talk to a qualified medical professional about your skin, your goals, and other non-surgical choices. Any cosmetic treatment requires that you have realistic goals.

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