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Welcome to the premiere Aesthetic & Wellness Center serving the Greater Orlando area. Our state of the art facility offers the latest treatments to help you look and feel your very best. Operated by Dr. Junaid Syed, an American Board Certified Physician, the New U MedSpa prides itself in delivering quality results to our patients in the most caring manner possible.

Rejuvenate Your Body & Soul

We specialize in all areas of Aesthetic Treatments, Vampire Procedures, Sexual Wellness, Weight Loss, Hair Restoration, and all of the latest anti-aging advancements with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapies. Our entire staff is committed to exceeding your expectations in everything we do. We look forward to serving you.

New U Medspa
New U Medspa


New U MedSpa Orlando is a unique and specialized resource for surgical and nonsurgical procedures, providing the expert clinical facial aesthetics services with the help of skillful & experienced staff. We offer a wide range of cosmetic methods to improve your image and confidence without giving you the obvious outlook of having “had something done”. Our team deals with these procedures on daily basis, which is why we are fully aware of the anatomy and structure of the face & neck – we are ideal practitioners. We pride ourselves in exploring multiple options for our clients to help achieve a smoother and younger, yet natural appearance. We make sure to tailor the offered treatments according to your demands and requirements by doing a detailed assessment of the best possible results. Due to the use of premier products and extensive training, you get to enjoy the long-lasting effects with your skin glowing with radiance.

People who endure chronic pain can now finally get relief from the PRP procedures provided by New U MedSpa Orlando. We understand the necessity of using imaging technology and having the experienced physicians to ensure the safe and precise injection, and so are very careful with our treatments. The bioactive proteins present in your blood and bone marrow are drawn out from your body and injected in the injurious parts while using special equipment. This activates your own stem cells and platelets to start the healing process of tendons, ligaments & joints. We use the most advanced form of PRP procedures so to serve a vast variety of patients. Our expert rheumatologists make sure that the treatments occur in safe and effective conditions with fewer inflammatory side effects and best possible outcomes.

At New U MedSpa Orlando, we offer a wide range of non-surgical treatments to revitalize your looks and regain your self-esteem with better appearance. If you have wrinkles, creases or frown lines around your eyes, then you can have our anti-wrinkle treatment to make yourself look younger. For dropping brows, have our course of eyebrow lift procedure to elevate them back to their original position. You can have these procedures as preventative treatments against aging as well. Moreover, you can treat gummy smiles and excessive armpit sweat from our non-surgical techniques as well. We believe that every skin is unique and of its own kind, which is why we only create the tailored plans according to the needs.

Despite having a frightful name, vampire procedures are the most sought out treatments to relieve the aging symptoms as they’re the alternative of cosmetic surgeries and offer speedy recovery. These procedures are completely natural as they use your own concentrated blood for healing. Nobody can deny wanting the beautiful and younger skin, and taking your chance with our treatments might just be what you need to have for the rest of your life. Short period treatments, fast recovery, and a more youthful skin are what we offer at New U MedSpa Orlando. Our methods seek to repair the aging, sun damage, cigarette and all other unwanted signs for a healthy appearance. By eradicating such undesired manifestations, we serve up the expectations of our clients competently.

When it comes to a better communication image, your hair says a lot about you and therefore, you need to have them set and maintained. We can help you with that. As experts in providing the long-lasting hair repair and restoration treatments in Orlando, we offer varying methods for a wide range of services, including hair transplant, FUE, scalp micro-pigmentation and more. Moreover, our hair loss solutions include the non-surgical procedures for men and women as well. The patients get to have our hair restoration or replacement services according to their age-appropriate specifications and based on their expectations. Our practice founder, Dr. Junaid Syed, has maintained the high standards of professionalism and therefore, is committed to providing the customized solutions that exactly match your individual lifestyle.

The non-surgical treatments are highly effective for most of the people to reduce the skin damage & aging symptoms. Our procedures renew the problem areas and give you a refreshed appearance without the invasive surgeries. However, skin rejuvenation treatments are sensitive so they may not be suitable for everyone; this is why we require full disclosure to present and past medical conditions to be completely aware of your skin before initiating our processes. While consultation, we discuss the requirements and your expected results so that our experts can appropriately map out the treatment plan for you. In order to provide the duty of care services, we invite you back to New U MedSpa Orlando to assess the procedure results to ensure that you’re satisfied with your treatments.



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